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By deleting just a few apps, you can easily make up to 1 GB of additional space on your phone.To delete an app, simply press down on it and hold until it starts jiggling. Most people rarely use the preloaded Apple apps such as Stocks, Videos, and Remote.HDR (High Definition Resolution) photos are images with better quality, capturing light and shadows more effectively than Standard Definition photos.Unfortunately, these photos also take up significantly more space.And, of course, you have to resort to this every few weeks because your phone keeps filling up.But what if you could free up space in ways that didn’t involve deleting your precious pictures? In this article, we’re going to share with you 21 tips for cleaning up space on your phone.The only problem is that until now, Apple has prevented users from deleting these apps.But with the new i OS, Apple is giving users the option to at least delete the Storage &i Cloud Usage, then tap on “Manage Storage.” This will immediately give you a picture of which apps are hogging the most memory on your i Phone.

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To be sure you’re only keeping SD photos instead of HD, go to Settings Photos & Camera and deselect “Keep Normal Photo.” As appealing as it is to keep all your music on your phone, you probably don’t have enough space for that.If you use a photo editing app like Camera , there’s a good chance you’ll find some old images hanging around.