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27-Feb-2020 08:06

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Projects, relationships, interests and commitments will build up cumulatively.Meaningful activities leave something behind, even when the emotions that once propelled us into them have passed.– The question of what makes life meaningful has to be answered personally (even if our conclusions are marked by no particular idiosyncrasy).People always say, “Act your age.” We are expected to leave our childish behaviors at our high school graduations and be mature “adults.” That is not the case for everyone, though, because we are all on our own, natural paths.Experiences happen to people at different times in life, causing some to grow up faster or slower than the norm.

You can mature at a very young age, or maybe, you never truly mature.

A select few might be equipped to take on the task and discover the answer in their own lives, but such ambition isn’t for most of us.

Meaningful lives are for extraordinary people: great saints, artists, scholars, scientists, doctors, activists, explorers, national leaders….

If ever we did discover the meaning, it would – we suspect – in any case be incomprehensible, perhaps written in Latin or in computer code.

It wouldn’t be anything that could orient or illuminate our activities.

No two people are the same, just like no two romances are the same. I know lovers who are nine years apart and just as happy as those who are two months apart in age.