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it kind of doesn't get any funnier than that, does it?The answer to that question is: yes, it does get even funnier.The trouble is that they’re now a trio of independent teenagers — popular Bridget (Kelly Cuoco), brainy Kerry (Amy Davidson), and smart-aleck Rory (Martin Spanjers).

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In other words, it's a great book for everyone to read, as long as you enjoy laughter and humor and happiness and that sort of thing, and don't have a heart of stone. We definitely enjoyed laughing at the prequel to this book. Well, there were moments while we were reading this book that I had to stop reading out loud, because I was laughing so hard I was crying.With the sequel -- 8 Simple Rules for Marrying When I read 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, I was pretty convinced I had just encountered what was quite possibly the funniest book ever. Because if you spend the entire time that you're reading erupting into giggles and wiping the "I-just-laughed-so-hard-I-cried" tears from your eyes...With the sequel -- 8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter.I have to admit my favorite character was the obnoxious Alicia, a real Bridezilla.

Her wedding preparations and after-event comments were hilarious.But I’ll tell you what a lot of people have told me: after reading A Dog’s Purpose, you’ll never look at your dog the same way again.