Ancient tombs predating egypt

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An individual’s name was considered of such importance that an Egyptian’s true name was kept secret throughout life and one was known by a nickname.

Knowledge of a person’s true name gave one magical powers over that individual and this is among the reasons why the rulers of Egypt took another name upon ascending the throne; it was not only to link oneself symbolically to another successful pharaoh but also a form of protection to ensure one’s safety and help guarantee a trouble-free journey to eternity when one’s life on earth was completed.

According to the historian Margaret Bunson: Eternity was an endless period of existence that was not to be feared by any Egyptian.

The term `Going to One’s Ka’ (astral being) was used in each age to express dying.

From this original act of creative energy came all of the known world and the universe.

It was understood that human beings were an important aspect of the creation of the gods and that each human soul was as eternal as that of the deities they revered.

Death was not an end to life but a re-joining of the individual soul with the eternal realm from which it had come.

The Egyptian concept of the soul regarded it as being comprised of nine parts: the was one’s secret name.

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The Cult of Hathor was very popular in Egypt, among all classes, and epitomizes the prime importance of gratitude in Egyptian culture.The tombs, mortuary temples and mummies that they produced were a celebration of life and a means of continuing it for eternity…For the Egyptians, as for other cultures, death was part of the journey of life, with death marking a transition or transformation after which life continued in another form, the spiritual rather than the corporeal. This passion for life imbued in the ancient Egyptians a great love for their land as it was thought that there could be no better place on earth in which to enjoy existence.