Anthony kiedis dating history

28-Oct-2020 08:30

In it, he talks about his life in Grand Rapids and Los Angeles, and shares explicit details about his struggles with drug addiction.

He asked his mother not to read it: "In my opinion, she's the only person in the book who comes out smelling like a rose," he told me in an interview.

Dec., 2011: Asked if he could visit only one place in Michigan, Kiedis tells The Press, "Mom's kitchen.

An old dirt road along the shores of Lake Michigan.

If you get out in the woods and out in those lakes and rivers, under those skies, there is a great sense of strength and wonder," he said.

"I'm constantly getting the sense-memory recollection of things that happened to me in my childhood in Michigan.

2, 2006: RHCP returns for a third show at Van Andel Arena.

Of the show, I wrote, "The band didn't pander to nostalgia. Sure, but it's more daring to present newer material to an arena full of people and make the music effective and vibrant.

For the most part, the Peppers successfully met this challenge."Oct., 2004: Kiedis' autobiography, "Scar Tissue," is published.

Less than a year later, the Peppers were headlining the second annual Lollapalooza tour, which came to Pine Knob (now known as DTE Energy Music Theater) in Clarkston, near Detroit.

June, 1999: An episode of VH1's "Behind the Music" profiling the band reveals the storied history of Kiedis and his father, who encouraged his son's drug use and sexual activity.

His photo is among many lining the backstage area depicting major rock stars who have played the venue. It makes me happy to take that kind of a feeling and share it with my hometown." Looking back on the controversial 1984 Chili Peppers show at Top of the Rock, he told me they, essentially, were dumb kids who thought they were hotshots and, he said with a twinkle in his eye, "had really cool haircuts." July 5, 2000: The Chili Peppers play their first G. Between songs, Flea talks about visiting West Michigan with Kiedis as youngsters, and how they used to climb on a railroad trellis and jump off of it. May 10 2003: Another homecoming show for Kiedis, another sold-out Van Andel Arena.