Are michelle mccool and the undertaker dating

12-Dec-2019 16:22

However, both Mc Cool and 'Taker have ways of handling it.

"Nine times out of ten people will walk straight up to us, look at him the whole time, have a conversation, can't tell you how many times people have asked me to take a picture," Mc Cool exasperated.

On how their relationship started: “He kind of courted me for awhile, and people started noticing.

Sharmell [Booker T’s wife], Torrie [Wilson], Vickie [Guerrero], a few good friends were like, ”Taker never talks to girls, like ever, that is not something he does’ which is true. But I always got to the buildings early, I was always working with Arn [Anderson] or Fit [Finlay] or whoever would teach me, because I was basically learning on the road.

He will tell you that was always his cardinal rule.

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However, there was a time where it was not, and it made for an uncomfortable situation, especially when a significant other is a legend.The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are perhaps one of WWE's most mismatched couples.

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