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07-Nov-2020 05:01

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Janet from the UK: H., makes a bold move but I can respect it. V.'s answer is also honest, and I take no issue with either.

I really expected his choice of sexually suggestive fruits to segue into a vaguely dirty intro. The Verdict: We're going to go ahead and give this one to the London men but only just — as there were no peach emojis on that side of the pond.

These guys come here looking for love/casual sex and instead they land on Bustle. further confirms that my profile pic ensemble is basically straight dude bait, and yet not a single man hit on or even high-fived me when I wore it IRL.

makes me no longer feel bad for any of these dudes.

Two women in two different cities took to Bumble with the same 10 opening statements, each time with a new match, to see what type of responses they would garner in order to determine whether dating is really better (or worse) on either side of the pond. There are 8.7 billion people and it’s never been harder to find someone binge watch On America's side of the Atlantic, we have Claire who lives in New York City.

Getting to know someone can be tough, getting to the point of trusting them is even tougher, and all the while you’re worried your feelings will get trampled on.

The Verdict: It isn't rocket science to see why S.'s comment ruins it for everyone. I just want to give him a squeeze and rally him into rooting for love again. is a little too concerned about the question; it isn't a marriage proposal! I will not be able to verify any of it, though, because this guy never answered my question.

makes me want to delve in here, but more as a psychotherapist than a potential match. Ah, H.'s profile shows me he's a man who loves fitness, swim-up bars (got me there), and clubs where women carry shot trays. I've been on the dating scene for 16 years and even though it's become a bit unhinged, I think people are still trying to stumble across love. is either inquisitive or scared that he’s about to be strong-armed into a deep conversation, so he wants to know what he’s in for before he settles into it.

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Perfect if you’re looking for a fling, not so good if you want something serious. set out with such a specific goal, even before he knew Janet existed. The Verdict: There's no response to this question that isn't a little bit disappointing or creepy, but being fed a template for a threesome takes the cake. She says dating in her city is "a bit like riding the underground during rush hour: overcrowded, competitive, and somewhat unfriendly.

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