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While in Vietnam, Koppel produced regular reports for the ABC evening news. The following year, Koppel was back covering the Vietnam War as Southeast Asia Bureau Chief stationed in Hong Kong (1968-1971).In 1971, Koppel began his first stint as ABC's Chief Diplomatic Correspondent covering Secretary of State William P.From 1951-1953, Koppel attended the Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire, England, spending summers and vacations with his parents in Frankfurt, Germany.

He is most known for his twenty-five year tenure as anchor and managing editor of the ABC News program .

As Chief Diplomatic Correspondent covering the Carter State Department in late-1979, Koppel was a key figure in ABC's nightly coverage of the ongoing Iran hostage crisis, (first aired November 8, 1979).

In addition to his regular State Department reports, Koppel frequently served as a substitute anchor for the program, periodically relieving Frank Reynolds behind the anchor desk.

Rogers, and then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger through the Watergate years.

In this post, Koppel did extensive reporting on China, including traveling with President Nixon on his historic visit to China in 1972.

In 1965, Koppel spent several weeks in Selma, Alabama covering the fallout from the Edmund Pettus Bridge incident and the civil rights marches that followed.