Chatham kent hookups

21-Oct-2020 10:17

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Chatham-Kent is composed of 22 towns plus the city, and Tourism Manager, Joy Sim, takes us to sample emerging attractions.

In Blenheim , we chat with Mary Jane Wilson of Smith (husband George) and Wilson Estate Wines, producing and supplying grapes to wineries for over 25 years.

Travis Snake leads us through this impressive experiential Enviro-Educational Centre that features three wigwams ("our home") and other facilities where some formerly troubled youth now teach their culture to school groups of all ages.

Travis proudly demonstrates setting up a fishing trap using only bare hands and outlines teaching mechanics involved in activities such as building lodges (circular and square), skinning and tanning and dugout canoe construction by patient and careful log burning, noting that the elementary students outperform high schools and university types.

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