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07-Dec-2019 21:51

Vous pouvez faire en sorte que vos publications soient privées de façon à ce que seuls vos abonnés approuvés puissent les voir.Si vos publications sont privées, seuls vos abonnés approuvés les verront sur les pages de hashtags ou de lieux.Click the dark blue "Add an Email" button to add another email address.Please note that you can opt to have your email address hidden, but have a "Send an Email to [Your Name]" link visible, which will allow other alumni to send you a blind email.After you change your email address, we’ll send you an email to confirm your new address.

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Click the blue pencil icon to update any of your existing addresses.

What can be changed and how you can change it may also depend on whether you created your account with Facebook or a phone number.