Conservitve gay dating

04-Mar-2020 21:51

I said I would pay a fair hourlywage, I asked that they send pics with their reply, I had many responses I called three of them but picked one.

From a 19yohe was a bit young but said he was willing to work hard and would respect any boundries I had,but most of all he had a verylarge cock, He said he still lived with his folks and would need a ride, I went out to meet him he seem like a very likeabeguy and somewhat shy.

She asked how much do you make,he said sometimes a couple hundred dollars for a few hours and othertimes just a few dollars,he then said if you are interested in making extra money I could show you the site with that we all laughed and she said thats okay im good just spending my hubbys money.

I wanted to stay and watch her but mike yelled out,thats it were done with that marta left the room, I asked mike why did you make her leave.

He said I couldn't help it my cock was starting to get hard,and I was afraid if it got hard she would know we set this wholescenerio up,we laughed about it later.

She would go and get us more beer as soon as our bottles got low,we sat around for another hour and I said we better get going cause it was along drive to get mike home.

On the ride home I asked mike what he thought about marta, Hesaid she was nice. He looked at me and said hell yeah but she doesn't seem like she is the typeto mess around.

I had still been trying to get her to fuck another man so I could watch but Ihave been unsuccessful, We have gone out to dance clubs where I have seen her dance with other guys,but she would have to be tipsy just to dance with someone else,alcohol has an affect on her that makes her lose inhabitions and she will let loose and some have fun,but this is rare,on one such occassion she had way to much to drink and was dancing with several men who were groping her openly on the dance floor.

It was all so painful I couldn't imagine ever being ready to seriously date again, but after spending a while working on myself and processing everything, I think I'm finally there.… continue reading »

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