Cupid 8 minute dating

22-Sep-2020 19:03

A great way to spend the afternoon, I enjoyed every word and was so sad when it was over. Three times she used the services of Cupid’s Dating Services and three times she was matched with losers that eventually cheated and broke her heart.

Angry at being lead astray with the promise of true love, she sets out to destroy the reputation of the company – plastering Facebook and the internet with her angry rants.

I didn't like how Venus said to Roxanne "You need to brush up on your GREEK history" even though everything related to the Roman pantheons.

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Oh I'm sorry Vulcan, once again you have been forgotten. The thought struck me that it just seemed petty and god-like trying to have a 'supposedly' human dating service be held responsible for finding love for someone who doesn't fit the human norm. Though why they didn't think to run the glass of frozen water under the hot water tap is beyond me.*shrugs* Just seemed extremely bitter to me and thus put me off her from the start. I did not like how Psyche was supposed to be some petty vindictive bitch. Nothing beats the flirty fun you find reading something by Eve Langlais.