Dating a guy with a corvette

31-Dec-2019 06:59

Paul was already aware that his daughter fancied Mike, so instead he challenged him to a game of table tennis for the right to date his daughter.

Mike won, and he and Maureen were in relationship for a time.

While Mike says that every one of the 3,012 Corvettes he has sold so far are all unique and memorable, he really enjoys the special circumstances and stories he can help create.

Some of his favorite sales are when fathers and sons come in together to get new 'Vettes.

Next Tuesday, the National Corvette Museum Delivery Department will welcome their 12,000th R8C Museum Delivery since the program started.

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Mike became a student of the brand, learning everything he could. Over the years, he acquired 18 different Vettes (his current car is a fully loaded and well documented 1967 4 speed manual Corvette Coupe in Marina Blue with white interior).

Arnie Anderson - the father - used to race Corvettes in his youth.

Mike was even able to use his sales talents to secure a relationship.

Joining them will be their son, Josh Thompson, and daughter, Jennifer Murril. Once you get that Corvette, you could join Mike for two track days of training at Spring Mountain Race Track in Nevada (GM picks up 60% of the bill).

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Congrats to this family on being one of our milestone deliveries. Papers and folders were stacked to the side of a computer display. In his career, Mike has sold over 4,100 Vettes, and will easily pass 5000 by 2022. Mike could help you keep that Vette sparkling new — he’s an Adam’s Polishes spokesman.

One time a customer named Paul came in and brought his daughter Maureen.