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He didn’t waste any time asking me out again and offered to see me two nights later if I was free.

During our conversation on the first date, he told me that he knew exactly what he wanted in a woman.

Okay, ya’ll, I’ll admit that I was not happy this month about the prospect of not having a boyfriend or a date on V-day. Rationally I know it’s no big deal, but emotionally I was so hoping to have a date.

On Valentine’s Day, Paul and I picked up tacos for dinner and brought them to a local brewery. He didn’t bring me a rose or make it the most romantic date ever. For once I was connecting with a man and it seemed like our values were lining up well.

It occurred to me after our walk that he’s not over this woman completely and I wondered if he holds out hope that she would take him back some day.

I almost asked him if he’s still in touch with her and if she has met someone else since being with him. Before I left him after our walk, he asked me to go paddle boarding with him the next weekend. Then the next day he texted me and asked me to come have dinner with him one evening over the same weekend.

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We both clearly liked each other a lot by this third date and we wanted to see where it would lead. But with so much opening up of true feelings and goals we both knew that if we were going to date each other and get to know each other, we each would not pursue anyone else.

When I go on a date and I like someone or we click, I prefer to pursue that one person until we both decide whether or not there is mutual, continued interest. I tried to play it cool of course, but it was even more exciting to learn that he is successful in his career, highly intelligent and as normal as he could get, at least from what I could tell during our four-hour first date.

We both hit it off nicely and it was clear we were both interested in seeing each other again.

He knows now that it was probably not love, but he was feeling it at the time.

He was almost embarrassed that he said it out loud to her.But he was still hurting after his marriage and she must have recognized that because she broke up with him saying that he needed to heal and discover himself before she could possibly be in a long term relationship with him.