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USA made Jackson guitars also used this cap around the same time, circa 1986-1988.

The Model Series Charvels came with an Inspection Card, typically hung by the low E tuner, presumably filled out by personnel at the Chushin Gakki factory.

Its a Charvette by Charvel, I know its a cheap guitar probably made out of ply wood with a bolt on neck (I only paid about 0 for it) but its got he thinnest neck I have ever seen on a guitar, really low action, and a cool paint job, but there is really no info on the guitar to help me date it and I cant find any identical ones online, so if anyone can tell just by the paintjob or its looks what year it is, and possibly the model name (if Charvettes even have model names) that would be much appreciated.

These links will take you farther down in the document to the manufacturers covered here: Dean -- Epiphone -- Fender -- G&L -- Gibson -- Gretsch -- Guild -- Hagstrom -- Hamer -- Ibanez -- Jackson/Charvel -- Kramer -- Martin -- Ovation -- Peavey -- If you believe something is inaccurate, please point it out in the comments section at the bottom.

) I have a 1986 Model 6 with serial number starting C6...

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\n I am a big impulse buyer and I ran into this guitar at a local music shop, I played it for about ten seconds and new I had to have it.If you see a seven digit serial number on the back of a Dean guitar, you can be sure that it was produced in United States.Dean's more affordable line made outside the US will indicate the country of manufacture, but production year requires looking at features and hardware and some knowledge of the line.A quick and dirty way of determining the year of manufacture for the bolt-on Model Series 1 - 4, is to look at the combination of trademark symbols used on both the headstock and the neckplate.

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Furthermore, the presence or absense of a neckplate gasket will also help you find the year. When the Charvel Model 5 and 6 were introduced in 1986, the serial number was found on the back of the headstock under the clear coat, in the form of a plastic decal.If you feel a certain company should be included, please request it and feel free to share any dating info along with your source. Dean Every Dean guitar made in United States comes with a seven digit serial number that is printed on the back of the headstock (some 90s models may be stamped on the fretboard).