Dating confessions

19-Jan-2020 15:02

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Last night for example I went out to a bar with my gf, and the two cute f bartenders were checking me out all the time.After this we went to dinner with a friend and his gf, and the gf totally has the hots for me. My friends never really questioned it and I guess just assumed I finished my courses in summer school.I was pretty transient for 2 years after living with my parents and at friends houses with dead end jobs.Over the course of three weeks, I talked to hundreds of girls, sexting with some of them, then decided to meet a few of them.I met four-five girls, one of who invited me to her house to give her a massage.Till this day I still don’t know how I didn’t kill someone that day. Your boyfriend wanted to marry you, but you don't believe in that sort of thing. I sensed your boyfriend liked me from my first week on the job. One day, he invited me for a drink after work and I said yes. He was a lot smarter than me, and we had an increasing number of differences, not that I really noticed that as a red flag at the time.Told my parents I was going 50 and my brakes didn’t work. I just wanted my husband to be happy, and I was intoxicated to have someone in my life who I could talk to about anything, and who would listen to me like I was smart, too.

My gf found out and we have had a lot of difficulty getting our relationship back to a happy place, but we are getting there.

But shortly after that met a wonderful girl and lived with her for a while.