Dating drama king international professionals dating

17-Feb-2020 06:53

So these women create these ridiculous dramas to experience the drama and reactions of Soon after you play along with the drama and THINK that you have made a connection with the woman you want, you start to wonder why she has suddenly become too busy to see you… She don’t need another girlfriend to play drama with her. She has knowingly or unknowingly tested you and you have failed terribly if you had indeed played along seriously with her game of drama.

She starts to suspect whether you are a real man who she can depend on when she gets into an emotional mess every month.

In fact, any situation may be classified as drama as long as you are not 100% certain that it is real.

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When you apologize for busting her, you will be perceived as an even bigger wuss in her mind. Don’t dwell on her drama or her resistance to your nonchalance.

I cannot say enough of how much mass media has shaped the dating game.