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12-Mar-2020 21:06

This means Yuuma can speak in English, which facilitates all kinds of bizarre conversations, including the beautiful equine suitor asking if his beloved will be his owner. Oh, and while these love birds look fairly realistic (at least in their faces), the local farmer who helps Pepe looks like a stubby toe of a man. The answer, for Vincent Brooks, is a ton, as he struggles to decide between Katherine, his long time girlfriend, and Catherine, a beguiling buxom blonde he meets one night.Of course, because this is a Japanese RPG, is has a hidden, creepy nature, as Catherine is a succubus who tempts men for her own ends, and Vincent soon falls into a terrifying series of puzzling nightmares as he's forced to solve a series of giant puzzle blocks, which create a staircase he must manage to climb if he doesn't want to die in his sleep.Awakening offers stellar tactics action and a compelling world, but the endearing dialogue that accompanies the romances you create is just as vital to the experience -- in terms of both gameplay and story.These days, gamers expect romance stories in Bio Ware titles (and even get mad when they're not present).Romance is a huge aspect of Awakening -- characters can fall in love by fighting together frequently enough, and will be more powerful together in-game once they become a pair.Your characters can even get married and have kids who will show up from the future as adults to fight alongside you (yes, this game is a lot).And don't worry if the premise is too weird for you, HB kindly gives you an anime rendering of what your potential beau would like in human form.Aside from the girl-on-birdaction, you have your usual anime dating types (Tsundere, Oujidere, Kamidere, Yandere).

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You may find yourself blushing while you try this one in public, as you play as Pepe, a girl who falls in love with Yuuma, who's kind of like a centaur, except that his whole body (minus his beautiful face) is horse.

There are eight distinct partners to woo, from the fun-loving Iron Bull, to the aristocratic Josephine, to the stoic Cassandra.

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