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Album Marks - Discoloration or heavy indentations on the corners of the cards from the acid, leaching out of the antique album pages, or from weight. Antique Postcards - Although the word Antique is generally considered to mean an item over 100 years old, many collectors use the term antique postcards to describe cards of the 1893 - 1920 period, also known as the Golden Age.

Appliqu - A term sometimes used to describe a postcard with added elements such as hair, feathers, wood, beads or metal. Archival - Any museum quality material that will protect postcards for extended periods of time.

), interesting information on the back, slight album impressions at all corners, mild edge wear--but who is looking at the edges! Tuck post card printed in England for Selfridge, trivial corner wear, light toning on back. "Courtyard, 'Bull' Inn, Rochester." by moonlight, a horseman in the foreground; signed art (probably P. "Bull Inn, Rochester." by day, a horse-drawn carriage arriving; signed P. All 3 postcards above for .25 taa POSTCARD 1354 (LONDON). This Warwickshire location is sometimes spelled Guy's Cliffe or Guys Cliff. "Cliffs at Rottingdean, near Brighton" by moonlight with a lighthouse distant; Oilette postcard mailed JUN 14 1910 at Decatur Michigan to Miss Pearl Marshall in Eaton Rapids Michigan, trivial corner wear. "Pier and Rough Sea, Boscombe" near Bournemouth England, including several gulls; unattributed art on an unused Tuck Oilette post card, printed in England, faint album impressions at the corners, very light color toning on back probably from the printing process itself, good edges. Fulleylove art on unused Tuck Oilette post card 7321 (Edinburgh Series I), slight album impressions at the corners, good edges. "EDINBURGH.--View from Calton Hill." including the monument to Dugald Stewart in the foreground, J. Kane, 1853." with signed Albert Operti art depicting native kayakers for scale, Tuck Oilette Postcard 7339, unused, printed in England, minor corner wear, colors fairly fresh. "Easter Greetings / Loch Lomond / Luss" Tuck Loch Lomond Series II with Wimbush art, gilt edge, lightly toned back. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in format. "Loch Lomond / Tarbet Pier" including some small pleasure craft, Tuck Loch Lomond Series I, postcard 7537, unused, minor corner wear. "CEYLON, PETTAH ROAD SCENE." including several jinrickshaws & pedestrians near the Dutch belfry in Colombo, unattributed art on an unused Tuck Oilette post card 7482, faint album impressions at the corners, good edges. .00 a(p)t Lower right: "The Blriot Monoplane" unused, lightly toned back, good edges.

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.00 ti(h)ba(h) POSTCARDS 1537 (INNS OF COURT & CHANCERY). Flower art on Oilette post cards printed in England, unused, excellent condition. Which Ramsey -- Ramsey Essex or Ramsey Bay Isle of Man or Ramsey Island Wales -- is not clear. .50 Other postcard numbers also in stock: 1787 (PICTURESQUE STAFFORD), 2021 (NASHVILLE, TENN.), 2029 (ROCHESTER, N. .50 e(d)tm "A / Happy Eastertide" Dutch girl carrying a basket of large flowers, chicks at her feet & Delft tile background; elaborately embossed postcard with undivided back printed in Germany for Raphael Tuck & Sons (no series or other numbering), mailed 1907 at Columbus Ohio to Miss Katharine Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, upper corner bend, good edges otherwise. The monument commemorates the defeat of the Jews in AD70. "LUEBECK, BURGTOR" unattributed art in vertical format showing the north gate of the city (erected in 1444), unused Tuck Oilette Postcard 7080 from the Wide - Wide - World Series, mild corner rounding, toned back. one corner noticeably worn, trivial edge wear elsewhere. 7100 with red-brown caption, writing on front dates to 1907, noticeable corner wear & rounding, paper browning with age. "Ullswater" art in vertical format depicting a canoeist near the Lake District cliffs in England, Tuck Oilette Postcard 7142 (Picturesque Lakes), mailed 1909 in Connecticut to Fred K. Minor corner wear, but the overall effect is quite beautiful. "THE QUEEN'S GOLDEN KYOUNG, MANDALAY, BURMAH." showing the exterior of the Buddhist monastery, unused Tuck Oilette Postcard 7238 (from its Wide Wide World Series), printed in England, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise fairly fresh with good edges. "JERUSALEM.--From the Mount of Olives." including a woman in the foreground for scale, J. 7675, back information in English & French, printed in England, minor wear at 3 corners. "GLASGOW SUBWAY STATION ST ENOCH SQUARE" including the terminus of the G. While the year in the cancel is indistinct, this was listed in 1914 postcard catalogues. "DERRICUNNIHY, KILLARNEY / '/ 'WHERE PEACE AND CALM CONTENTMENT DWELL SERENE' / Falconer" with art portraying several well-dressed adults at the shore of the Upper Lake, within an embossed border; unused Tuck Oilette Postcard No. "THE PURPLE MOUNTAIN, KILLARNEY / 'WITH WOODY HILL O'ER HILL ENCOMPASS'D ROUND' / F. .00 a(p)t Top right: "The Farman Biplane" unused, fairly fresh with good edges.