Dating softball player

17-Oct-2019 20:55

Softball players especially, they work harder than most.

They understand the difference between reality and fantasy, which is a really good quality to look for in a mate.

When he’s been playing softball for awhile or played on the same team for several years, you’ll soon realize just how close they are.

There’s nothing like the friendships of those teammates.

But in my humble opinion as a man, you should totally date a softball player. Well I’m glad you did, because I’m here to tell you why.

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It’s a lot easier for him to go into the season knowing when he can’t play then wait until a week or two before hand to let him know about it, after he just found out they have a big tournament that same weekend.

Clearly mine is writing, but some people love to cook, bake, dance, sing.. It’s great to have a hobby or do something that just makes you happy.