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17-Feb-2020 07:07

Head injuries can be positively and objectively identified through CT scans and no one has to rely on the self-report of someone who’s at risk of losing a good part of his or her life to incarceration and may be motivated to malinger.

Moving the CDC’s screening recommendation earlier in the prosecutorial process — say when an individual is formally indicted — would help defendants get the health care they need.

The public’s biggest objection to expanding the use of a diminished capacity defense is usually that people can feign illness and lack of understanding, especially when they’re enticed to do so by a heavy punishment for an extreme and violent crime.

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Twenty-one states use some form of the Model Penal Code Test, which examines whether the defendant could appreciate the criminality of his or her conduct and conform his or her behavior to the law.Women convicted of violent crimes are far more likely to have sustained a pre-crime brain injury than women in the general population.