Dating through facebook

06-Sep-2020 02:01

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After previously only being available in Colombia, Facebook Dating launched in Canada and Thailand on Thursday, according to a Facebook press release obtained by PEOPLE.

In order to use the new online dating service, Facebook users will be tasked with creating a new profile that will exist separately from the one that all of your friends and family can see.

And don’t worry, Facebook Dating won’t share your activities to yours or anybody else’s Facebook profile or News Feeds.

Instead of swiping, the platform features “Interested” and “Pass” functionalities, and users must choose an aspect of a user’s profile to start a conversation. Matches are suggested based on things you have in common and the site also features an opt-in event and group function that allows users to see singles in these networks.If you don’t want people to know which events you are attending, you can turn this feature off.READ MORE: Dating multiple people at once is the norm — here’s how to do it right Other new features in Canada include “Second Look,” a function that allows users to go back and re-review people they accidentally have passed on (Bumble has a similar feature).When users decide they are “interested” in another user, they are only allowed to send them one text message.

This prevents people from sending explicit pictures, spam messages or links.“We have a separate inbox in dating, not in Messenger,” she said.

“They are in a very unique position to enter the dating scene with a higher likelihood of succeeding,” she explained.