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Merely giving a degree and a certificate to a young person that he is qualified for appointment is not enough. The present education system does not encourage a person to think.He is taught a set syllabus which he is expected to reproduce during the examinations. The youngsters have to be provoked to ask more and more questions which will not only help them to think but will also com­pel teachers to read and learn more. We have to compel students to take learning more seriously.It is not a ques­tion of the extent to which education provides or fails to provide employment to people but it is a question of education providing modern technology for the benefit of the poor and deprived people. Instead of merely viewing the growing population as a liability, we should change the population into an asset and strength along with trying to control its growth.This can be done only by education and human development.It was more to teach the three R’s and train in religious norms.The higher education was imparted through schools of learning while the vocational and professional training was given within the caste structure.Education was student-centred rather than teacher-centred. Unlike today, education in this period never aimed at freedom of individual, excellence of individual, equality amongst all people, individual and group self-reliance, and national cohesion.Christian missionaries engaged in imparting education gave considerable importance to conversion of religion.

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School education began with phonology, including study of grammar.

It also did not focus on fighting injustice, intolerance and superstition.

Education today is oriented to promoting values of an urban, competitive consumer society.

Vocational training was provided by fa­ther, brother, etc. Thus, the caste system provided vocational training and transmitted skills from generation to generation and also provided gainful employment.

There was no emphasis on physical educa­tion, developing thinking ability, or teaching some craft.The financial position of the schools was not very strong. In many cases, schools were held in local temples or mosques or teachers’ houses.

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