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01-Jul-2020 12:23

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Be cautious when receiving information about a job or company. Along with researching the company, you can check out a company’s references if you're not sure if the company is legitimate.

You are as entitled to check a company's references as they are to check you out. Then, contact the references to ask what they know about the company.

Many individuals have lost their life savings due to this type of fraud.

Letters from scammer David Robinson in Accra (Ghana) to Christine (Australia) Letters from scammer Roberto Monter in Lagos (Nigeria) to Sandra (USA) Letters from scammer Chris Nick in Lagos (Nigeria) to Anna (Germany) Letters from scammer Sean Madison in Sabah (Malaysia) to Eloha (USA) Letters from scammer Carlos Guilherme in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Rita (USA) Jason A Mayer, 68?

He makes a change to his primary email while you know him. If it says something different from where he says he is, than that is a sign to be cautious.

Read More October, 26, 2018 - Latest Male Scammers List Updates Last week (October, 19, 2018 - October, 26, 2018) 21 new scammers, 10 fake documents added to the database and 4 scammers' profiles updated.

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This often happens in particular with mystery shopper scams.

Chances are if a picture or document or letter that was sent to you is also on our website, he is a scammer and should be avoided.

Read More Our website offers you a unique and innovative mechanism through which you can not only identify but even fight off male scammers encountered online.

Online scammers collect your personal information to use for identity theft, persuade you to cash fraudulent checks or to wire or send money, and trick you into paying for services or supplies you don't need or want.

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Many of these scams come up when you are job searching.If it sounds too good to be true, you can be sure it is.

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