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The investigation into Mark's death is hampered when Joey goes on television and blames a street kid who hangs around the gym for Mark's murder. Kevin had been methodically looking for someone before his death, and finding out for whom he was searching will lead the detectives to the motive.

Angie's focus is compromised when Sergeant Mark Cross (Warren Christie) joins the team as the new commander. Someone else should have gotten the job, and she and Cross have a ten-year undisclosed history.

High-school science teacher Glenn Martin (Joey Mc Intyre) is murdered in his Vancouver home by Tom Caron, a loner moonlighting as a serial thief who steals just for the thrill of it.

Angie and Oscar set out to prove Kevin's innocence despite Jacobs' overzealousness only to learn the motive lies in a dark secret.

Felix has believed his father to be alive all this time, as he has received postcards from him.

He learns that his father was actually dead, and the diamonds were once buried at his grave.

Health guru Jack Bergin (Cameron Bancroft) is killed by clothing store clerk Chloe Myton (Molly Parker), who breaks into his home and electrocutes him with a stun gun.

Angie and Oscar investigate only to learn that the victim didn't always practice what he preached.Noel Barnett (Tony Nardi) is the priest who has kept his St. Unemployed chef Felix Hausman (Dustin Milligan) kills him.