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Pavel, born in 1977 in The Czech Republic, holds a Business degree from the Anglo-American University (AAU) of Prague.

His career in financial industry began in the Czech Republic.

Despite business being the biggest influencer of social change, by now we all only scratched the surface of its potential.

Pavel lives with his husband Laco in Vienna and in Prague. Bankverbindung: FI48 7997 7997 7329 82, BIC: HOLVFIHH.

East meets West Forum (EMW) - Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung von Micro LGBT Geschäftsinitiativen in Österreich und Zentral- und Osteuropa.

Check out their incredible dance floor-filling mashup in the video below!

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Catering a Jewish-Indian wedding, of course, meant enough food to feed a small army – with a delicious ‘East meets West’ catering theme. Beautiful bride, Sharon, looked absolutely sublime in her traditional Indian dress, adjusted to incorporated western colors, adorned with antique-inspired accessories, against the picturesque backdrop of her blush pink, navy blue and ivory color scheme.

He is member of agpro (Austrian Gay Professionals) and Auditor for EGMA (EU).