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30-Jan-2020 14:13

In those years we have done a Prince Princess knight's dream, fantasy is a princess, both the prince's love, and the knight's guardian.In the play, Ethan Ruan plays the violin Prince Jin Yuanfang has become the most lets the human heart man two, one step by step delivers Sophie to Prince William.To make matters worse, she is being followed by a tabloid photographer (Jason Hsu). most of the time we just see the couples in dramas/movies, but in real life who is their soul mate?Do you remember those days when they were chasing the Taiwan idol drama?What "green forest" "kiss" practical joke "Heaven's wedding gown" "I love you" decreed by fate "the Frog Prince" and so on......"Destined to love you" after the broadcast, the ratings are odd high.

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I worry that reporters often ask me and small day to choose who? A bit strange is that after the hit, Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen did not cooperate, but there is no work to make the audience impressed.

Is not a novice, just running in the rain, even to NG22 times???

Even if no ambiguous Ethan Ruan is certainly holding up sister attitude NG.

by 7Flowers Ending: Xiang Xin Yong Yuan (相信永遠) Believe In Forever by 183Club & Jason Hsu Synopsis: Albee (Chen Qiao En) is a pampered, high-class young lady who has never experienced any hardship in her life.

On her birthday, just when she expects to be proposed to by her long-time boyfriend Huang Bo Cheng (Tian Jia Da), her life is turned upside down.However, there are four degrees of cheating "record man, Tiffany Xu dare to love?