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With unprecedented low prices, the MIK (Made in Korea) Squier was exactly what Fender needed to hit back at the Korean-made brands now dominating so much of the budget sector.I only have access to UK-focused info, but here in England, the Korean Squier Strat almost immediately became the nation’s best selling guitar, finally subordinating the Marlin Sidewinder in the market.The Silver Series body wood was, incidentally, officially alder, but The Guitar Magazine (Xmas 1993 edition) suggested that in some cases other woods may be be substituted.Whilst the Squier Hank Marvin Strats always had a single-ply white scratchplate, the Silver Series Strats could have either three-ply white/black/white, three-ply black/white/black, single-ply white, or single-ply black.On the UK market, the cheap, cheerful and well-featured Marlin Sidewinder had been hammering the Squier Strat’s sales, ending up topping the bestsellers chart for nearly two solid years.Had Fender not resolved to compete with the new Korean-built instruments on level terms, they could very well have been stifled out of the budget market, from the bottom up.This Sonic Blue colour, prone to turning slightly greenish due to yellowing in the top coats, was common in the first Silver Series batches. Black, white, sunburst and (Torino shade) red were the only listed options by 1993.I seem to recall, however, that in the latter phase of production, Salmon Pink Hank Marvin bodies began to appear on regular Silver Series Strats.

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Accordingly, using a combination of my own first hand experience with the guitars, and original printed promotional/editorial matter from January 1992 to July 1995, I'd like to present a properly referenced account of the exclusively Japanese-made Silver Series Strat. The first Squier Silver Series Strats did not have a 'Silver Series' identifier on the headstock.All of these had Hank Marvin’s signature on the headstock, and had solid wood bodies.I first became aware of them near the beginning of 1992, but the first of them probably came in very late in '91.The left hand version of the guitar was advertised in sunburst and black only. BACKGROUND Fender had produced Squier Stratocasters exclusively in Japan between 19.

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But in the mid ‘eighties, they were forced by the massive success of much cheaper, Korean-made guitars (the Marlin range, for example), to rethink.They were very similar to the Hank Marvins – same solid bodies, same hardware, same electrics, same truss rod arrangement, etc.