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If ever I'm in trouble, I know I can rely on her for help. Think about three of your 8 Colin and I have been teaching at the same school for friends . these people and what things you do 9 Barney and I have known each other since we were at together. It doesn't matter if we haven't seen each other similar in any way. b We use from to introduce the agent in a passive sentence. It was from his brother in New York who was also seeking his fortune in America and was looking for him. They began their work at a time when Germany had been occupied by the French under Napoleon. As young scholars, the brothers Grimm began work on the fai1y tale collection in order to save the endangered oral storytelling tradition of Germany. That Th at That That That m ust have been a relief. But that is exactly what Alberto Acosta did when he was appointed Ecuador's Oil Minister in 2007. We can rep ort ideas in the present or in the p ast. • before most cities, countries, continents, lakes, mountains, lan guages and names of people. Speaking 7 Kate has always stood by me in times of difficulty. We get on very well, even though we never really Choose from the types in Exercise 8. I think I've been round to his Think also about how often you see house once. Do you think the changes are difficult for Bella too? a The person doing the action - the agent - is not the main focus of the sentence. Then one day he saw an announcement in a newspaper that was read by immigrants. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm viewed themselves as patriotic students of folklore . Comment ing on a good outcome to a bad situation Phew ! 2 If you'd visited this area twenty years ago, you'd've seen a very different river. 4 If people'd been more careful, things wouldn't've come to this point. Then mingle with the other students and tell each other your ideas. CLIMATE CHANGE 83 vocabulary oil • reading Ecuador's plan to protect natural resources • grammar wish, would rather and if only • speaking wishes 7 b The minister for no oil One thing you do not expect an oil minister to do is to block the development of his own country's oil fields. Use We use passive rep orting structures to talk abou t events when the speaker is unknown or unimportant, or when someone w ishes to remain an onymous. - 9 Find the follow ing phrasal verbs in the sentences in Exercise 7. 3 I made a lot of really good friends at university, but I haven 't ...................................................... 9 Look at these situations and make two sentences Wish for someone to do something about a present situation wish noun/pronoun would NB subject of wish and noun/pronoun cannot be the same 1£. Which ones contain two prepositions, rather than one? • • • • • 1 verb w ith get 1 verb w ith stand 2 verbs with hang 2 verbs with round 3 verbs with up 10 Choose the correct phrasal verbs to 7 Work in pairs.

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1 Co-operation between animals of different species is not a natural b easy c usual 2 Dogs are usually ···············-·····- . Present perfect simple Suriya has understood that the hound dog is very hungry. She has already learnt much more about the world outside than them. Often these children 3 receive a better education than their parents. Real life reacting to stories 4 Pronunciation linking and assimilation 1 Work in pairs. A spokesperson for local environmental groups explained, 'This is a fantastic initiative. 3 Olivia and I went on a trip to Peru together ten years ago and we've kept up w ith each other ever since. 10 Jessica and I are going to go for a medieval-style wedding. d The passive is often used because we want to start a sentence w ith something that has already been mentioned. Bella lives with her parents in a brand new apartment in Shanghai. This is the story that my grandmother has passed down to us, to my parents and all my aunts and uncles. Alth ough the brothers in1plied that they were just keepil1g records of tales, Will1elm continued to polish and reshape the stories up to the final edition of 1857. But if Ecuador is not rich by economic standards, in terms of biodiversity, it is one of the richest places on Earth. It is believed that tickets for the championships will be available next week. • w ith certain countries, p lace names, geographical regions, oceans and seas, deserts, mountain ran ges and rivers, fo r examp le: the USA, the UK, the ether/ands, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, the Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Middle East, the Antarctic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean , the Kalahari Desert, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Amazon, the Nile. • before certain familiar places (work, home, hospital, university, school, etc. 1 We're not close friends - we're just studying French at the same evening class. 2 I live with Sarah, but each of us has our own group of friends that we hang out with. for a while; we just seem to pick up where we left off. c The agent is often unimportant or unknow n - it is the action that interests us. Tomas got in touch and they had an emotional reunion in New York, where Tomas subsequently settled. - retold stories to her that th ey themselves had read in a collection written by Charles Perrault in 1697, Tales of My Mother Goose. For a relatively poor country whose main income is from oil exports, this proposal seemed like madness. It is said that people consume on average 50 times more sugar than ten years ago. Elephants often 3 show I are showing concern for their social group, but there is one extraordinary scene w here the elephant becomes distressed w hen the dog gets injured. support -- supportive, rebel - • rebellious - 3 4 For further information and practice, see Workbook page 11 . 5 The tyres on my bicycle were badly worn and when I hit a bump in the road one of them burst. Notice how the underlined sounds are either linked as in been a or assimilated as in what did, where the t of what disappears and is replaced by the d of did. The oil companies destroy I don't destroy these natural riches. 6 People need to think about w hat w ill happen in the 6 Work in pairs. 3 Would you rather walk I walked or would you prefer we go I went in the car?

The dog 4 has recovered I has been recovering now and the two animals have been inseparable. 6 My computer froze without any reason while I was working. Can you remember which ones were used in each of the conversations in Exercise 2? 2 President Correa now wishes he had never supported it. 3 If only people in developed countries appreciated that these forests absorb a lot of the co? People -in developed countries appreciate I don't appreciate that these forests absorb a lot of the co2that their industries produce. 4 Most oil companies wish they had I would have the freedom to extract oil from wherever they wanted.

--6 Find o w hy it 's esse ntia l to record plants 'rom th e rain forests of Pa rag ay before th ey disappear. Unlikely friends a faithfu l co mpanion blood relat ives a passin g acqu aintan ce m utual resp ect an od d co upl e t rue fr iend s Two animals that enjoy each other's company 12 A confused generation a stron g bond 2 Look at these English sayings about relationships. Put the number of the speaker (1, 2 or 3) next to the person they are talking about. 3 Wha t does the photo suggest about these animals' characters? a suspicious of b frightened of c aggressive towards 3 This particular dog and orang-utan behave like _ _ a old friends b children c people 4 Their behaviour has attracted the interest of a lot of . We don't want to be a burden on her when we get old. Once it was parents who taught children, but now we learn from them: The family can buy many more things these days, and when they go shopping, Bella makes sure that the'right'western brands are selected. One of them, 'Marie', was credited with narrating many of the nwst fam ous tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. oil rig ~ WORDBUILDING collocations related to one word. 2 Are people more careful these days about how they conserve oil or petrol?