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27-Oct-2020 20:08

I went up to her and said "Ok, let's start your massage." To my surprise, she lay face up on the bed.. I have a great time rubbing her breasts and licking her nipples until she was covering her face and mouth to quieten down her moaning.I spread her legs open and up and went to lick her pussy.I offered to bring her out for supper, she said it's OK because she lived at a very ulu place.I was so curious to meet her, I said I don't mind..turns out she lived in Jurong West Extension, about the furthest west possible housing estate in Singapore..drove all the way to pick her up under her block.The whole night we were just chatting happily but I couldn't find an opening to ask her for sex. Things sometimes get hot and steamy, and she'll tell me about her fantasies and things like how she enjoys going to Bali for massage packages and how she sometimes will have the urge to masturbate.About 2weeks later, I had a really shitty day at work and I messaged her when I was finally knocking off around 10.30pm."Want to go have supper? We went to a coffeeshop nearby and just grabbed some food, and I was complaining about having mysterious shoulder ache that day.

Then I suggested "I can massage for you if you massage for me.." She thought about it and said "OK, but where? "I told her cannot because I don't live alone, and I suggested Hotel81. "Since she was against the idea of going to hotel, so no choice I drove her to a nearby lorry park which was quite dark.I pulled her jeans down and her cute pink cotton panties off.