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This relationship could've been portrayed as a courtship of convenience or a way of disguising Elio’s true feelings, but instead, director Luca Guadagnino gives a nuanced insight into sexual fluidity and how desire can take different forms.This includes being drawn to two different people at once, in entirely different ways, and is set in idyllic northern Italy, and Elio's home has an open door policy; all summer long, there's swimming, sunbathing and dinners that last for hours, with family, friends, and guests all welcome.It's a love triangle with unequal sides, and reinforces the notion of sexual fluidity within the story.The pivotal speech by Elio's father (Michael Stuhlberg) near the end of the film includes a line that points to this notion.Marzia is part of Elio’s story, even if she isn't is steeped in self-discovery, sexual awakening, experimentation, and indulgence in all forms.And it isn’t surprising that such a portrayal is resonating with so many, and that the movie will be considered nothing short of a coming-of-age masterpiece for years to come.Dans son premier long métrage, il avait également attribué le rôle féminin principal à sa compagne du moment, Golshifteh Farahani...

The film captures the slow burn of a crush, followed by the all-consuming urgency of a union with an expiration date.sequel, Guadagnino noted that Marzia could factor into the tale.