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It is not noticed because german women do not stick out their femininity and attractiveness.After marriage and the birth of a child german girls still pay less attention to the selection of clothing. For example, in Hamburg, girls look very feminine and stylish, and in Frankfurt they are focused on business style. They do not use bright and gaudy colors of makeup, just natural. They will choose a house in ecologically clean area and eating healthy products.But then again the variety of women – who linger, lingerie-clad, at their bedroom doors – was a plus.' Sure, I'm lonely' “If I'm paying for it, I want top quality,” he said, adding that a brothel in Frankfurt was his favourite, with women who he rated as at least ten out of ten.“I've been to brothels in all of Germany's big cities.It's definitely addictive,” the 39-year-old Floridian said.Woman rules the relationship and dictates the conditions that suit her. They try to achieve everything in the lives by themselves. But such a thing is women's self-sufficiency and now is gaining momentum in all civilized countries. In a german family, both husband and wife work, then all the household duties are divided in half.It is so common and natural that not even discussed.

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There are more men than women in Germany, and girls are valued at a premium.

He's never fallen in love with anyone, he admitted.