Grand theft auto dating sobohoe

07-Dec-2019 17:42

She claims to be in several different no-strings attached relationships with men as well as Niko, and says she will never settle down "like her mama." She also has problems with her father, whom he berates her for her lifestyle. On almost every date with Niko, she will make a reference to sex.Examples include when Niko takes her to play pool, she will comment "Lets see how good you are with your stick", this will alter depending on whether Niko wins or loses.She lives in an apartment on Valdez Avenue in Fortside, Bohan, but seems unhappy there, as she will randomly ask Niko to buy her a place in Algonquin: however, Niko always refuses.

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She is a nurse but often talks of her ambitions to be a television presenter.

Most cheats also prevent achievements, so be careful when you use them. After he refills your health, kill him to get your money back.