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22-Nov-2020 18:38

Using the two fixes above, status for the activity is now instant, and the Harmony Hub activity is also instant. So knowing the Device Power Status in Smartthings would allow you to invoke a activity like turn off. Thanks for the response so if I follow the procedure above I’ll get the actual activity status in Smart Things.So if an activities is done through hatmony app or from Alexa Samsung Smart Things will update the activity status as on or off.After intense backlash, Logitech ended up replacing Link devices for free.Aside from its official statement, Logitech hasn't responded further to the online outrage about the removal of local access.These private local control APIs were never supported Harmony features.

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As a result, many users who created home automation and smart home systems using third-party APIs haven't been able to control many, and in some cases, all of their connected Io T devices.

Logitech began pushing out firmware update 4.15.206 last week, its release notes stating that it addresses security and bug fixes.

Users immediately flocked to Logitech's community forms to complain once they realized the systems they built up to control their smart home devices essentially became unresponsive.

We urge customers to update to this latest firmware, version 4.15.206.

Please see this article for complete directions on checking and updating your current firmware version.Logitech plans to release an official firmware update with XMPP controls in January.