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He had youth, rank, and all the freshness of his fame, a certain passport to distinc- tion : he was in the society to which • his rank entitled him, and yet he looked so little at his ease one would have thought he had never been in company before : while Miss Bail Ue, tliat yery. 9 lady, a born gentlewoman, was so quietly self-possessed, so perfectly at her ease, it made me feel a sort of reflected respect for the society who could value such unpretending merit. 203^, which has narrowly escaped the knife of the binder ; a proof, by the way, that the present binding, and consequently the mutilation of the volume, is subsequent to the period of his accession in 1587, and probably of his reign, which ceased in 1632. Though none of the houses are remarkable for architectural beauty, and some are modernized in the windows, yet they are all so old that every one of them must have been in existence long before the period of the celebrated battle. And when this serious countenance, those thoughtful eyes, were turned upon the young man, it seemed as if a magic influence was in that look, it seemed to disenchant the silly spell in which he had been bound. In t W same volume are the autograph signa- tares of Sigismond I., Sigismond II. one of the first entries is a memorandum tiiat her annual dowry in Uie kingdom (^Poland amounted to about 54,000 Po Ush so M, at the rate o£30grom to each, and in Lithuania to dd,000 so&dlu On fo L 3 we read. How the volume passed from the hands of Sigismond tne Third*s sons and su C"^ cessors to the Sobieski dynasty doei not appear ; and the remainder of it B history is to be gathered from a recent note at the begmning, by which it ap« pears, that in 1838 or 1839 the manu« script was procured at Frescati from the possessor of the effects of the Car- dinal York, and came into the posses- sion of the Stuarts, by the marriage of the Princess Marie Clementine So« bieski in 1719 to Prince James, the first Pretender, son of King James U, It was presented to the Duke of Sussex by the Chevalier Gregoire de Berardi, and at the sale of the Duke^s MSS. I observed a few shops, with open fronts, and short supportmg rude columns, as in the olden time, when the master or his apprentice with a "AA'hatdoye lack? Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. from the danger of future loss, and placed under the faithful pro- tection of the Press. fi»pt hrr title nf Baroniie de Stael Holstuni one woola doubt that lfea« had ever been mrb a |enoii. " I should have thought your early associa Uons witk 4 Portfolio of a Man of the World. " " We do venture to compare and to give the suj K^riority to Shakspere," said F. of Poland in 1587, afler the death of Stephen Bathori. ^f k T"' k m " *' '''''^ than t Tany point of much Jeneral ^J^J^^^J^^ ^:^\^^^^ interest : reffretting at the same time became known, and then it was only ac that I have but bttle ongmal mforma- ddenfally discovered, owing to the dr- iion to impart.

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The cause of its being opened was that the church had sunk in that part, and it was supposed to arise from some defect in the vault beneath. Arundell tella me he has heard the farm was supposed to be built on a part of the old stables. 41 wty- of ta Ddoffy if she* htd piety to defend his j^erogati Ta and liettrd te D about the firmer there, saci^ perton. Urban, of jour readers as m an o Jd room of the farm, and among respect a firm and lofty determination, mtpmpt T9 aooie time with great interest, as giving from other localities specimens of tiles which oncf exbted in great variety in the line old cruciform church of this place. have been adopted earlier, as that of La Maison de Flandre, par Olivier Cleves, which was an escarbonde over an de Wree, 1642, i. Again, the same author describes him when engaged in combat, as Pictos leones prefbrens in clypeo : Verb leonibus nulla erat inferior fortitttdo. Planche does not accord the like latitude to primeval heraldry, when he requires the lions to be placed on a red instead of a blue ground ; or when he objects (p. 35), the histoi-y of " the D'Evereux family of Normandy" as being " but little known ;** and, in p. Robert, " from whom are de* scended the viscounts of Hereford, and the Devereux earls of Essex;" is placed as third son of the imajjinary " AValter count de Rosmar." This also is siheer fiction: there is no evidence whatever that those eai'ls and viscounts could truly claim descent from the an- cient Comtes d'Evreux. of the Kent-road, late of the Ordnance Office, Tower.

I then questioned her about the once magnificent house at Stowe. He saw in them, when he was a boy, several por- traits of the Granville £wnily, which, no doubt, had been removed from the boose befors it was polled down. Coincident with the publication of the last number I discovered a tile in the chancel, representing a knight in armour, which I had not before seen. Aree early Ro Us of Arms, edited by Sir Planche (pp. 33) to the sha^ of their heasture of the lions, there is in reality every possible proof that the arms of Williaiu Longespee earl of Sa- lisbury, as displayed on nis own monu- ment in Salisbury cathedral, were de- rived from those on the monumental tablet at Mans of his father*s father, Geoffrey count of Anjou. 36 adds, "In order to sound the aepth of this mystery, a very critical examination of the genealogy and his- tory of the D'Evereux of Normandy is necessary." I do not imagine that the History of the real family of the Corates d'Eve- reux is little known; for there is a volume on the subject by Le Brasseur. Dugdale only says of the Devereux, that tney " had their surname from Evreux, a town in Normandy," and one which of course, like other towns, mav have given name to several individuals of difierent fa- milies. " Patrick d'Evereux, or d'Eberos, from the Latin Ebroicensis, created earl of Salisbury by the empress Maud.** He had no right, as alreadv stated, to the name of devereux. As brothers to Earl William Fitz- Patrick are given the names of " Philip, went to Ireland 1203," and "Patrick, killed in Acquitaine.** In answer to this I beg to extract the fo Uowii^ passages from the History of Lacock Abbey : ** Iq the document we have before spoken of (Pedigree of Devereux of Carig- menan) it is stated not only that Ela*8 uncles Patrick and Philip were bred as monks at Bradenstoke, bat that they ez- chang^ed the frock for the cuirass ; that Patrick WHS slain at Aquitaine, before the death of his brother the Earl ; but that Philip, having seen the estates of his fa- mily go out of his house, went in 120') to seek other fortunes in Ireland, Where it is stated that he settled in the county of Wexford, and founded the family now bearing the name of Devereux.

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