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The more common form of relationship is the so-called “thing,” a casual yet exclusive relationship without formal labels or recognition.

As he became able, Hopkins provided for his extended family, both during his life and posthumously through his will.

New to Hopkins Safety Overview Campus Safety and Security strives to ensure that Johns Hopkins is a place where students, faculty, and staff are able to enjoy rewarding academic and social experiences.

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL) is partnering with the Department of Surgery and the Department of Medicine for a “speed dating” event on Thursday, September 7 from 3–5 p.m. This interactive session will allow multiple short introductions between surgeons and engineers.

This may be caused in part by the structure of Charles Village — we lack a unified Fraternity Row, most fraternity houses are small row houses, and sororities do not house together.

This disperses students and their social circles around Charles Village and decreases the likelihood for interaction with new people.

The same can be said for our lack of a true bar scene, which would facilitate students to cross paths with people they wouldn’t have met otherwise.