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09-Dec-2019 09:18

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I did ask him and know what his experiences are and what he's looking for. What do you think of gender roles, "dating for fun" etc?Very curious :)People do it, but not without anything other to connect (shared activities at the moment, introductions by friends etc).Additionally, maybe some of the stuff I say are my own, personal views and don't represent the current way Ukrainian people date. Especially the implications of a first, second, and third dates.First of all, the paying thing is more or less a male rule. Especially, if are the one, who has invited her somewhere. There are no implicit physical progression, no rules when to kiss, no rules when to invite for "coffee", or if, in fact, such invitation means sex.I dated several German girls and I regularly got in trouble for doing things I thought were galant and manly, only to find out that they've seen it as offensive or chauvinist.Paying for dinner and offering to carry her bags were my usual misdemeanours. Although, sometimes I'm worried that it makes me seem cold and distant. Do you have a more western "anything goes" ambiguous style?

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I think it's an individual thing and it's not that common.

So far, it seems the main difference is that he does expect to pay for everything, whereas Americans don't always see it that way. Even among friends, I notice differences in behavior by culture. Alright, I will tell you as much as I can (though it's not a lot).