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Here are some of the things I’ve learned about Malaysia during the past decade of living here.Malaysia is ethnically diverse and being a member of a given ethnic group confers advantages and disadvantages.I wasn’t sure if the bridge could be repaired, or more to the point, whether “relatively content” was a worthy aspiration.Another road led back to Ireland, but I had spent my entire adult life in self-imposed exile, and a retreat seemed like admitting defeat.Each year, with the different intakes, there is always new fish waiting to be fried, and ponies waiting to be fed.According to some, there is not much of a love life, and that , and there is always someone on Facebook complaining about a lack of action or the inert nature of UNMC girls, which in all practicality is true.Anything deemed critical of Islam is not tolerated and many Malaysian Muslims are increasingly moving away from a moderate stance, calling for laws that will allow stricter penalties for crimes, including whipping and amputation of hands.With a network of government hospitals and clinics, healthcare is accessible and affordable for almost everyone. Being close to the equator, Malaysia’s climate is very stable with little seasonal variation apart from the monsoons, which affect different parts of the country at different times of the year.

You know the story: you finally get up the nerve to ask that special person out.Malaysians can attend Malay, Chinese, or Tamil language schools, representing the languages spoken by Malaysia’s dominant ethnic groups.