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Readers' letters on all matters CPC EMMA BROADLEY Will you please welcome the lady w h o makes Renegade look like Skweek... NEVER A CROSSWORD World's best CPC m a g (7,6) reviews crossword prog. By popular d e m a n d , three pages of adventuring! 0 M 10.95 3" D i s c C l e a n e r 6.95 A m s t r a d R 2 3 2 Interface 55.95 M o n o S c r e e n filter 12.95 C o l o u r S c r e e n Filter 14.95 C o m p Pro 5000 joystick 13.95 Quickshot Turbo joystick 11.95 Cruiser joystick 9.95 464 Monitor ext Leads 6.95 6 1 2 8 M o n i t o r ext L e a d s 7.95 1000 Fanfold Labels 6.95 S e c o n d Drive Lead 7.95 A M X M o u s e Art S o f t w a r e 49.95 A M X Mouse Stop Press 54.95 464 Dust Cover (mono/col) 7.95 6 1 2 8 Dust Cover (mono/col) 7.95 KDS 5 8 0 0 K disc drive (state 464.-6128). 9 5 K D S 8 Bit Print P o r t 18.95 DKTK Memory Expansion 45.95 R. P £36.90 Package Price £34.95 Q u a l i P g g k Extra V e r s i o n 2 A s a b o v e plus new Qualitas font library R. P £51.85 Package Price £44.50 PRINT QOLQUR GRAPHICS At last it is possible to g e t colour screen dumps from a 6128! You choose which colours on paper, represent wtiich inks on screen for total control and variation. Meanwhile, Brunning's 100 Letters utility for Infoscript is reviewed in this issue on p. AMSTFt AD ACTION 81 /X AMSCENE Star pins its hopes on new models The second biggest importer of printers into the UK (that "second' must hurt) is making a bid for the low cost end of the printer market. • AA has joined forces with mighty Database to organise a great competition to publicise The Computer Shopper Show, which opens at Alexander Palace on Wednesday November 22nd The lucky winner will be given a shopping trolley, a map of the CPC exhibitors and five minutes in which to grab as much as possible1 • Get out of your trolley in the AA Shopper competition! By merely setting a few dip switches to a different configuration, you can plug it into nearly every disk based microcomputer on the market The Lifetime Drive costs £129 95. Radical it ain't, but if Rad games put up as good a fight as the label is talking we'll be well happy. SELF-DESTRUCT - hilarious practical joke DALEKS - classic CPC fun! FRONT END T H E V E R Y B E S T IN C P C NEWS® LETTERS LASER All the CPC n e w s and previews ENTERTAINMENT: SQUAD REACTION Once more into the postbag dear friends... ss E CPC USES® HARDWARE® PROG RAMMING — THE AA COVER TAPE! We have a MAJOR Amstrad exclusive in the form of Virgin/Mastertronic's conversion of the brilliant coin-op Shinobi, and a veritable TON of other utilities and entertainment... nrrranwe enter into perineal conesportfetxc Vie take great c u e to LOOK O h my goodness m e it's a graphics series! EDUCATION ACCESSORIES DISC S E R I O U S DISC G A M E S pro Protext Prospell Promerge Arnor Filer ' 1Arnor Office Suite Tasword 6128 Taspell Tasprint Tascopy Tasdiary Tassign 6128 1 Qualitas Plus version 2 i Qualitas Font Library Qualitas CPM Utilities Dtsk French Mistress German Master Spanish Tutor Italian Tutor Masterfile III Database Mastercalc 128 Matnx Spreadsheet Plus Stop Press Desktop Publishing Extra Extra Maxam (Assembler/Diss) Poke Easy Plus Mini Office II Rodos Extra Disk Advanced Art Studio Stockmarket CPM 17.95 16.95 16.95 18.95 26.95 19.50 12.95 10.95 10.95 10.95 23.95 14.95 11.95 8.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 29.95 25.95 29.95 29.95 19.95 18.95 14.95 13.95 8.95 19.95 25.95 BASED At Last Plus Supercalc 2 Arnor C Compiler Maxam II Fortran Nevada Cobol Hisoft Devpac 80 Hisoft Pascal 80 Hisoft C Compiler lankey 2 Finger Typing lankey Crash Course 29.95 44.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 39.95 19.95 19.95 A M X M o u s e Interface Quali Pack Version 2 The Print Enhancement Package New Qualitas Plus version 2 KDS 8 Bit Printer Port Only 34.95 Printer L e a d 1M 8.95 Printer L e a d 1.5M 9.95 Printer L e a d 2 . C Supplies and will take a standard screen file from Advanced Art Studio or created with AMX Art, and print it out in full colour on a Star LC10 colour printer. "We have no doubt that when it is released it will be very well received," predicted Peter Brunning confidently. Others less 'known, such as A&S Distribution, A1 Computer Supplies. Caspell Computer Services, Computer Store, Graft Vent, Manor Court Supplies and Margin Maker will all be there as part of what it is claimed will be the biggest Amstrad show ever' Lifetime drive arrives for CPC The Miles Gordon Technology 'Lifetime" drive is now available to the public. Then you need a second drive operating system, such as flamdos from KDS (»04853 2076) or Rodos from Romantic Robot («), bumping up the price by another £20 to £30 The Lifetime Drive also fits the BBC. |i 4 Soldier of Light and AHen Syndrome, two arcade conversions, are first out of the bag, though Rad promises a heady mix of previously unieleased material, established classics ami mini-compilations, all at £JL99.• Gazza's Super Soccer gets the full treatment in next month's issue. To make life interesting there are bonus weapons and points hidden away in the brickwork which have to be blasted out and collected. I have sweated and walked miles to get a petition together to bring back the Pilgrim. you wouidn't be telling a teeny, weeny porkie pie by any chance, would you7 Never mmd, you and all the other Pilgrim fans have made your wishes known.The levels are short but difficult, and include one starting in the dark' • Full review in next month's AA (available from all good newsagents on Thursday, October 12: order your copy • Mr Heli: nice gameplay, shame about the title? Scan the list and you will see that a lot of famous people are upset because the adventure column in AA has disappeared J Stiles Pr G Bush Ron Reagan Kate Bush Dr Spock M Thatcher Granny Smith Dr Doolittle Level 9 Hank Marvin J Henderson (local corner shop) Michael Jackson and Bubbles Joe Longthorne Joan Pancott Terry Wogan Capt Birdseye Eric Bristow Clint Eastwood Lee Trevino Willie Carson HRH Frank Bruno Clive Sinclair Mother Theresa Eddie Murphy Shakin Stevens Bros Paul Mc Cartney's Tom and Jerry Michael Fish Ronnie Corbett Mel Gibson Lech Walesa son Shergar Anyway. Turn to page 70 and all your birthdays will arrive at once! My letter concerns Phil Craven's article on soft ware copying and the new Copyright Law (AA48).

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epcf1, Standing w f c r f f p d ^ fcsman/a 7512 v 002 29-437%]' , New look Prestel and Brunword Prestel and its micro-computer special interest group Micronet 800 have acquired a much improved electronic mailbox facility - mostly as a result of protest over the original system.

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