No dating sabbatical biblical

03-Nov-2020 23:27

The statement was made by Jesus, after Jesus had left Jerusalem following the first Passover mentioned by John.

While travelling with His disciples to Galilee (John 4:3), Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman while his disciples went into the village to obtain food.

Note that it is also the same number of days that Noah was protected in the Ark, as calculated from Genesis 7 and 8 – from the day Noah entered the Ark on the 17th day of the second month (Genesis -13) until he emerged on the 27th day of the second month (Genesis -16). AD 132–AD 133: was either omitted or is also the first year of the next seven year interval.In his book (1996), Ernest Martin provides us yet another piece of information.It relates to a statement by Jesus which was made between His first two Passovers (John and 6:4) and before the “unknown” feast (John 5:1).But they did not keep track of the Daniel Prophecy.

From their reaction at the meeting with the Magi, it appears that Herod and the religious leaders in Jerusalem were completely surprised by the birth of the Messiah, as foretold by their own prophet, Daniel. And Jesus said as much as He drew near to Jerusalem, (Luke ).Unfortunately, the Jews were not looking for this sign from Daniel.