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08-Jan-2020 08:23

We believe it should not take days to consult a Doctor.Doctor Spring's Sexology consultations are fastest way to ask a Board-certified Sexologist.I didn't use all my questions but I feel I received a bargain.

I heard about this site so I thought, why not give it a shot?We would be of limited help when a physical checkup is essential or a prescription is needed.While pictures and videos help with most cases, sometimes the Doctor would recommend visiting a local Physician to make the best assessment.Though the treating hospital & expert neurologist are good and renowned, I got more confidence in the treatment they were giving only after 2nd opinion by Dr. Thanks There are sites that offer a doctor and you come away feeling you went to a discount store to ask someone who is thinking of going to medical school what he or she thinks. Pandy was very clear in what he was saying and why.

It is something I can take to a doctor and feel confident in expressing concern for the need for certain tests.

Thank you, I appreciate the service and would recommend highly. I'll pass this information to my doctor and make it clear that I would only want an ACL revision as a last resort. Sree Bhushan gave us a good insight into the situation for my son and was very patient and caring.