Qualities of a good dating relationship

09-Apr-2020 19:45

This could be from suggestions for dinner plans or future decisions as a couple to being willing to hear every option.

Nobody feels supported in a relationship where it’s always one person’s decision.

Dating expert Tyler Leslie decided to define the five non-negotiables every couple needs to have to remain in a strong, stable and happy relationship.

Writing for mindbodygreen, Leslie admits that although sharing these qualities is the ideal scenario, nothing stops you from working on your relationship now to build a stronger foundation for tomorrow.

“There are many ways to show affection, and you should pay extra attention to figure out which ones your partner seems to respond to most.” Empathy No relationship is perfect, but a happy long-term pairing means both people are willing to do what it takes to keep things on track.

Which explains how the trait of empathy is the second characteristic required to see your relationship through its rough days.

The key is whether you're able to maintain each of those parts.

See 10 things that every strong relationship should have.

When it comes down to it, you should both love and care enough about each other to want to build a strong relationship where both parties feel supported.

According to research, it doesn't matter if your partner likes Mumford & Sons and you (hopefully) don't.

What does matter is how your partner handles their emotions and whether or not that method is similar to your own.

Empathy, or understanding and relating to someone’s feelings or perceptions, will help a couple make healthy resolutions to their arguments and fights.

By taking the time to remove your own feelings from the situation and take your partner’s into consideration, you greatly increase the likelihood of embracing a supportive, communicative relationship.

But do you feel good, happy safe and secure around them? If your eventual life plan is to own a yacht and your partner's is to live in a quaint house in the suburbs with your five kids, you are probably not destined for a successful partnership.