Rules for dating single dads

01-Jan-2020 07:37

I found myself repeatedly telling people “I’m sorry – I’d love to go to the movies tonight, but I’ve got the kids here… I realise this all sounds like a very long-winded whinge, but there is good news.

I’ve spent the past few months thinking pretty hard about this, and I came to a fairly obvious conclusion: I was overthinking all of this, and I needed to shift my focus.

I've dated ("dated") divorced dudes before, which might be a little similar, but this relationship marks my first with a parent.

When the relationship was brand-spankin' new, a lot of close friends lamented renditions of, "I could never DATE A PARENT." They echoed sentiments of kids being deal breakers. Everyone has a past and brings baggage into a relationship. Although, of course, I find my partner's child a deeply charming, fun, hilarious little human who doesn't qualify as "baggage." You know what I mean.

Being there for my boys is the most important thing I need to focus on.I’m sure it wasn’t merely the fact that I have kids that did it, though.