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A late-night walk home turns Shuichi and Hiro into real heroes when they rescue a young lady from two evil-looking thugs.They get quite a surprise when they discover that this young lady happens to be Yuki's fiancée!When fate causes his path to cross that of popular romance writer Eiri Yuki, it's a whirlwind tale of love and hate!With his band's debut performance fast approaching, Shuichi can't seem to focus on anything other than Yuki.Shuichi kisses and conducts a short affair with Ryuichi Sakuma, who announces that he is always been in love with Shuichi.Eiri is in a car accident that causes him to temporarily lose his eyesight, and Reiji announces that she's making all that has happened into a movie.Having seen Nittle Grasper perform live, Shuichi is overcome with shock that he is now competing against his idol Ryuichi Sakuma. K devises an astute plan to get Shuichi energized - if Bad Luck sells 1 million copies, Shuichi gets a date with Yuki! Without even telling Touma, Yuki has suddenly disappeared. K isn't about to let him slack off on his responsibility to the band.

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The man dismisses Shuichi's hard work as garbage, which hurts Shuichi deeply.Despite his anger, he is intrigued by the stranger.This will be their first encounter as Shuichi becomes fascinated by the stranger, who soon turns out to be the famous romance novelist, Eiri Yuki (real name: Uesugi). The story picks up directly after volume 12; Shuichi and Eiri find and agree to momentarily take care of Yuki Kitazawa's son, Riku.With recent events stirring memories of a dark past he thought was buried, Yuki is struggling with his feelings towards Shuichi.

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Meanwhile, Taki has decided to personally ruin Yuki's reputation in order to get back at him for destroying his plans against Shuichi.President Touma seems to have something else in mind for the band: adding a third member! Unfortunately, while rival band Ask gets to perform on a top-rated music show, the members of Bad Luck have ended up as the comedy relief on a quiz show!