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10-Oct-2019 06:14

No, all newly uploaded photos should be checked and approved by the Saga Dating team before they become publicly visible.The same is also true for existing photos if you change your profile photo.If you are a subscriber and have remaining time on your subscription, it will be deleted with your records and cannot be refunded or applied to future profiles.If you aren’t sure, it’s recommended that you hide your profile for now.Photos are slightly small, but with a head shot you can see them quite clearly and only approved photos get shown.Yes, if you’ve joined Saga Dating for over 30 days, or if you are an active subscriber, then you can hide your profile.As well as the two-way matching feature, you can use the advanced search filter to find other people in your area (or further afield) with similar interests to you.You can drop anyone a message – as long as you’re subscribed.

Keep in mind, you can switch this back to ‘visible’ at any time you would like.Most dating websites calculate matches based on what the person behind the profile is seeking so by using this system, Saga Dating can create matches based on what the two single people they have connected have in common.

We analyzed the 1,000 most popular words on both men and women’s profiles, tabulated the most popular movies and TV shows, and crunched stats on what people consider their best feature vs.… continue reading »

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If you need a companion or have a strong urge to express yourself or want to share a moment of joy or grief, internet is your free newspaper and people really read it. … continue reading »

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