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30-Jun-2020 05:45

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Also, according to the below link, there is a patch out for this problem.How/where do I have to look to see if I have it installed? I am relieved to find out that the problem is in Symantec's side of things.It appears to be just the Anti Virus/etc definitions that are not being updated - and it "seems" like they are not being put in the right place by Live Update or something else. Hi ascendinternet, If you click "Download Live Update Content" above "Show Live Update Satatus" does anything happen? Do any of the clients have up to date deffinitions?If you click start then run and type on one of the clients will the client download the definitions?(Please see attached screenshot) I just find it strange that not all my workstations are affected.

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However, my clients show the green ball on the shield...

In this case all the points has to go to josh2780 as he had it spot on.