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03-Jan-2020 06:26

Moreover, the Diocese was aware of sexual abuse complaints against Presley as early as 1987 but permitted him to stay in active ministry for another 13 years.

One of the victims had been abused as recently as 1986; the second victim was abused prior to 1971 when he was a high school student in another parish.Presley taught the victim how to have sexual intercourse by bringing in a female high school student and using index cards to show them where to touch each other.On more than one occasion, Presley gave him some type of a sedative to relax him prior to abusing him.Trautman had personal knowledge of at least three victims, one as young as 13, who reported their abuse to him in 2002.

Only one victim was an out-of-state college student.Additionally, Diocesan records showed that Presley was so violent that priests who interacted with him were concerned for their safety.