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I enjoyed every minute of her class because she doesn't make the lectures so boring. Her class is fun and her tests are pretty easy if you go over the study guide.

I don't mind going to her class and I enjoy the time that I am there. She is very enthusiastic and definitely knows how to get a lecture hall of 200 students interested and attentive in her lectures. She allows you to be creative and is understanding if a test doesn't go as well as you had hoped. Never used books in class, but the lectures are supposed to be supplemental to the textbook.

She posts all of the lectures online, but if you skip class you could miss one of the minor assignments. She also gives A TON of extra credit opportunities. She's truly one professor I can say really cares about her kids and her job.

She assigns a lot to read, but if you read it you'll realize it is all super helpful.

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Her research interests include archival capital markets, audit risk assessment, and the market for audit services.