Talking to your daughter about dating

15-Jul-2020 17:54

Although it's tempting to order your daughter to dump the bad boy on the spot, you have more skillful ways to approach this delicate subject to protect your own relationship with her. Shut off the TV, computer and any other distractions, and give her your full, undivided attention. Don't belittle her feelings or tell her she's "wrong" or "crazy," which could cause her to spend the rest of the conversation defending him. " Showing genuine interest in their relationship will help her feel safe enough to trust you with more information. Don't list his horrible qualities, or become angry, insulting or cry, but remain calm and in control.

Let her know which qualities or behaviors you believe are dangerous or inappropriate.

Your teenage daughter's boyfriend is not exactly the Prince Charming you'd envisioned for her.

He might be verbally abusive, emotionally controlling, abuse drugs, display delinquent behavior or is inappropriate for her in other ways that causes you concern. " or "How does he treat you when you're out with friends?

She always said I could come talk to her about anything.

But between her not bringing it up and my natural adolescent bashfulness about these subjects, it was easier to avoid it.

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Now with the internet, cell phones and social media I’m going to have to tackle topics that would have made my mother faint – sexting, porn, sending nude selfies.

And they told us most of this at school,” she begged.“Nope. If you have openly been talking about penises and vaginas since your child’s first bath, then you deserve some sort of parenting award.

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