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14-May-2020 02:28

“But taking time away from the sport, we’d gained a new perspective, and that’s what paid dividends.

We weren’t too wrapped up in the all-consuming nature of sport.

But four years later at Sochi 2014 they’d got silver – a fine achievement, but not what was expected.

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“It’s interesting to look back on Vancouver because we were such babies,” she said. I’m not sure we truly grasped the magnitude of the Olympics.“I remember getting on the plane to Korea and thinking, ‘Mission accomplished’, because we’d done everything we possibly could to set ourselves up,” Virtue said.“We were so prepared and mentally focused, we were in the zone. We were confident in our team and entourage, we had the best professionals.We also found a serenity on the ice and I think that was the first time and place we’d experienced that, really being in flow as an athlete. If I’m honest, we’ve spent eight years chasing that feeling.

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We didn’t get it again until Pyeong Chang, and that’s a neat and cyclical way to end our Olympic career.” Many Canadian skating fans look back on Sochi 2014 with bitterness: Virtue and Moir’s silver medal was surrounded by judging controversy.

“In those moments when the music ended in Pyeong Chang, I looked at Scott and was so grateful for the last 20 years by his side, and to share that moment together.” CAN YOU TWO JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY???